Outdoor Recreation

Want to ski, hike, mountain bike, and paddle close to campus? At Farmington, you’ll find easy access to the great outdoors of Western Maine.

  • The scenic Sandy River is great for paddling and picnics (5-min. walk)
  • The Whistle Stop Trail, a 14-mile pathway for running, mountain biking, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing (15-min. walk)
  • Titcomb Mountain, featuring alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, and mountain biking trails (5-min. drive)
  • Pristine Lakes (15-min. drive)
  • Sugarloaf Resort for world-class skiing and riding (50-min. drive)
  • The Appalachian Trail and 4K peaks (50-min. drive)

At Farmington, you don’t need to go far to get away.


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At UMF we have a lot of places you can explore and really get into. We have the mountains right around us. We have Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Titcomb, Black Mountain, all these local ski areas that we can just go to and play in

Here locally seven minutes from campus we have Titcomb mountain. And any student here does get a free season pass to Titcomb. It's just a really neat opportunity for people who have never skied or snowboarded to go and learn.

I'm a big skier. That's definitely my favorite. But we also have like canoeing, kayaking with lakes all around us, Flagstaff, pure water, as well as a lot of hiking around here. We have some of our 4,000 footers just up the road from us as well as just local little hills that people like to go and explore. A lot of people they look at colleges. And they kind of think they're going to have to give up hunting, fishing, and skiing that type stuff. Looking into UMF, I just saw that that was something that I'm not going to have to give up. I can continue my lifestyle. And the school just promotes that, and they help you become that.

Mainely Outdoors is a really cool program here at UMF. It is a student led student run program that gets people outside. Students can come up with a trip idea. They can plan it. They can run it.

They can go through the evaluation process. There's a lot of rentals that go through the facility as well. We have rentals in just about any outdoor activity you can think of, whether it's mountain biking, or skiing, or canoeing.

Through Mainely Outdoors, through just your friends if you just want to go exploring, there's so many opportunities to just get out there.

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