Experience Farmington

The Farmington area combines the perfect mix of the active outdoor lifestyle with the quintessential, New England college town. Located in the foothills of the mountains in western Maine, Farmington sits at the heart of world-class skiing and snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking, kayaking and rafting.

With an active community of artists and entrepreneurs, and a walking-distance (184 steps!) downtown — there’s adventure beyond the classroom.


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UMF is very close to downtown Farmington. You can see the campus from downtown.

Having a campus so close to downtown gives us a lot of cool opportunities to shop and eat at local restaurants or at Trantens, our grocery store. Lots of bookstores. Some local coffee shops that make some very good coffee that you can't get anywhere else.

My first impression of downtown Farmington, it was very amazing because it was super close to campus, and I didn't have a car. But everything was just downtown.

There was a lot of restaurants. There's a movie theater. And if you're a student, you only pay $3 to go to the movies. There is everything you need to find in Farmington. You don't need to go away to find what you're looking for.

Here at UMF, there are a lot of outdoor activities that you can do. We offer mountain biking on trails that are on or really close to campus.

The surrounding area is really cool for skiing and snowboarding. Here locally, seven minutes from campus, we have Titcomb Mountain, which is cross-country skiing and downhill skiing and snowboarding. And any student here at UMF does get a free season pass to Titcomb, and there are plenty of small lakes and rivers around that we can experience with our paddleboards, canoeing, and kayaking.