Student Life

At Farmington, you’re valued for your individuality. Our campus culture is accepting and friendly and promotes a strong sense of community.

To help you connect with other students right from the start, each residence hall hosts events such as cookouts, movie nights at the local theater, yoga classes, intramural games, off-campus excursions, and more.

Farmington offers a broad array of student activities, clubs, and organizations because we believe important learning opportunities happen outside the classroom. We encourage students to pursue their interests in everything from a cappella and athletics to poetry slams and pickleball. Go for it!

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Living in this central location on campus really helps, in terms of club activities and engagement. There's events in the landing or in the theater or on the sports fields pretty much every single day of the week, and being on campus is really central and allows you to access all of those things.

Some of the different housing options, there are singles, doubles, and triples. Then there's also the Francis Allen Black Hall, which is more apartment style living.

The different spots on campus and in the community to de-stress are really helpful, because they're comforting and really friendly.

I usually take advantage of the movie theater in town. Students get to have $3 movie tickets during the semester.

Here at the Beaver Lodge, this is a great place to hang out. My friends an I will often study here.

Students can get involved on campus in a large variety of different ways. There's something like 60 clubs on campus. And it's really easy to start your own if there's something you're interested in.

There's a lot of different programs through local schools. You can do lunch buddies. You can work in the classroom. So there's a lot of opportunities to work with children. There's just so many different ways to get involved here.