Varsity athletics at Farmington provides talented and goal- oriented student-athletes with opportunities for growth, competition and success. Our student-athletes’ primary investment is heart, the will to succeed, the drive to compete, the commitment to do what it takes, and the perseverance to continue.

In addition to varsity athletics, UMF offers a wide range of intramurals  club sports and fitness and recreation classes.

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UMF Athletics is your varsity level sports. That's where you're really going out and representing your university, competing with a team. Intramural sports, which anybody can do, you get a bunch of your friends together and you go to the FRC and you just go and play basketball, dodgeball, football. There's a bunch of different things. You go through a tournament and just get in another way to be in a indoors/outdoors exercise.

Then we have club sports, which are like rugby, dancing, lacrosse, and those sports, basically you go and compete against other colleges. You represent the university, but anybody can join them.

We have the Fitness and Recreation Center. We call it the FRC. That's where everybody goes to really work out. That's where we do intramural sports. You can go swimming there and that type of thing.

And then we also just have the general recreation community. We try and stay fit through like biking, with Mainely outdoors, hiking, that type of stuff. It's kind of just how you choose to be active.

Athletics helps me personally be a better student by motivating me, pushing me to do the best I can every single day. It makes me want to do better, going from a full day of classes, when you go to practice and you just for two hours get to have fun and be with your friends and play something that you love to play. So it just makes me personally feel good all the way around, and I think it does the same thing for other athletes too.

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