Our 13-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio means invested professors work side-by-side with students. Hands-on learning: sharing ideas, debating issues or conducting and presenting research, our professors become an active part of their students’ life giving them a deeply personal and rigorous education that weds knowledge and learning with experience and skills.

U.S. News ranked the University of Maine at Farmington #4 Best Undergraduate Teaching – Regional Colleges – North for 2019. This category recognizes schools that have faculty with an unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching.


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I'd say the staff and the faculty are really accessible, because they care a lot about student success. And it makes it really easy to approach them about new ideas that I have, or if I'm struggling with a paper topic. I just feel really comfortable talking to them about whatever is going on with me.

If you have an avenue that you want to go down, the faculty members will try their hardest until you get where you want to go. And just the foundations of having teachers that care, they want to help. You have to let them, but they want to. They'll move mountains to make it happen for you.

All the professors here like engagement and discussion. It's a great environment to express your own ideas and explore things outside of the strict textbook context. And I do much better on tests with smaller class sizes and larger discussions.

I love the smaller class sizes. The professors definitely have more time to interact with students. There's definitely not this idea of "oh, you're holding up my lecture, let me just tell you, see me after class or email me," or something like that. They can pause the class a little bit and talk to the student about their question. And they encourage it. They all really are so passionate about their job, and it really shows through in every class that I've ever taken.